Sept 4th – The Day in Review

September 4th saw the FENS/SfN-funded Neuroscience Advocacy and Funding Workshop take place at the Convention Centre Dublin. Below is a pictorial review of the day – content from the presentations are included as slides.

Listen to the RTE Radio 1 This Week programme podcast here:

Thank you to all our speakers, attendees, contributors and the staff of the CCD for an excellent day. Details on progress in establishing an Irish Brain Council will be posted on this site in the coming months.

Dr Richard Roche of Neuroscience Ireland opened the workshop with an overview on the need for improved neuroscience advocacy and outreach. The slides are here:

Opening Presentation Sept 4

Audrey Craven of the European Federation of Neurological Alliances spoke about the need for a “coalition of the willing” when it comes to outreach and advocacy. The slides are here:

ACraven Presentation Sept 4

Dr Andrew Coogan gave a spirited and sobering review of science funding in Ireland relative to other countries. The slides are here:

ACoogan Presentation Sept 4

Dr Duncan Banks of the BNA provided a summary of the BNA’s work in advocacy, public outreach, strategic partnership and legislative engagement.

Discussion continued throughout lunch and into the afternoon breakout sessions.

Drs Sabina Brennan and Lorraine Boran were among those who related back the points from the breakout groups to the rest of the attendees for discussion.

The slides from the Closing Presentation can be seen here:

Closing Presentation Sept 4


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